14:00 - 14:30
Let's snap it: How organisations can use Snapchat

Short thesis

It gets more and more difficult to inform young people about politics via traditional media. Snapchat is the fastest growing social platform among millennials. In particular in Europe Snapchat is acquiring more users. Germany is among the top 10 countries with the highest share of Snapchat users worldwide. How can political organisations use Snapchat? What content should they post? How can new accounts be promoted? A short presentations about organisations that already use Snapchat successfully to inform young people about politics.


Digital natives love Instagram, watch the news on Youtube and communicate with their friends via Snapchat. Politicians, governemts and international organisations can use the app to reach out to young people. Several candidates for the US elections in 2016 use Snapchat for their campaigns and also the United Nations and the European Parliament send regularly photos and videos to their friends on Snapchat. Each week they curate stories about political debates and decisions.

In this talk examples are shown how Snapchat can be used by organisations and practical tips are given. The workshop will among others focus on these questions: How can organisations launch a Snapchat account and promote it? What content is suited well for Snapchat? How can an organisation interact with its followers and can success be measured? 

My experience with Snapchat: 

Together with a team I launched in May 2015 the Snapchat account of the European Parliament. I was strongly involved in the development of the account and produced several stories every week. Highlights were video quotes of member of the European Parliament, behind the scenes snaps from the plenary chamber and stories on the activities of the Parliament delegation at the climate conference in Paris.